We have a new Online Store!

Dear Customers,

We are launching a new online store which is much more modern than this old one. The URL is honda600store.com for now, during testing. It has all the features of a modern online store plus many enhancements to our product listings.

The old store will remain open for a while and you may continue to use it as before. Eventually though, once we have all the bugs worked out, the old storefront will close and honda600carparts.com will link you directly to the new store.

Please try out the new store and let us know if you encounter any problems or have suggestions. It will be a work in progress for a while. We hope you will enjoy the new shopping experience.

Note: due to ever increasing postage costs, Free Shipping (in USA) is now on orders over $30. Otherwise it's $6 flat fee. International Shipping is now $35 flat fee. The old store may show the old shipping prices for each item, but the price will be adjusted when you check out.

Thanks for shopping at Honda 600 Car Parts!

Ronny Lucassen

Ronny Lucassen

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