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Cars For Sale

Here is a very rare car for sale. It is a 1970 AN600 Sedan. Very low mileage. Original engine. Runs great and stops as well. As you know most of these cars have had the engines replaced and have many issues to deal with. This one one can be driven as is. When the body work and paint are done this will be a very rare and valuable car. Some of these have sold at auction for over $20,000. Here's your chance to own a truly rare car.

This car requires body and paint restoration. At the buy it now price it will include a new battery, 4 new tires and $500 worth of parts credit on this website. This gives you a driveable car and a great start to bringing it back to excellent shape.

Production date is 6/70.

Chassis number is 1023762.

Engine number is 1022365 and is the original engine for this car.

This car shows only 20581 miles on the odometer.

$3,500 Includes new battery, four new tires and $500 credit towards the parts of your choice.

Left Front
Right Side
Front Seats
Back Seat
Pass Door Panel
Driver Door Panel
Door Production Date
Dash VIN
VIN Underhood Plate
Engine Compartment

$3,500 Includes new battery, four new tires and $500 credit towards the parts of your choice.

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